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MDC is the creative studio of visual and brand designer Jacob Morrison.



Featured Work

At MDC, every project is a passion project. These selected works showcase a wide range of branding and design solutions for all kinds of clients, as well as personal art and design exploration. Click on an image to view the full scope of the project.


Looking for something specific?

Curious if I do icon sets (yep), handlettering (definitely) or custom logotypes (without a doubt!)? Shoot me an email and I'll show you the proof. Let's find out if I'm the right guy for your project.


The Process

What to Expect

You may already have a crystal clear idea of what you're looking for – or you may not even know where to start. No matter where you're at with your project, we have the expertise to bring your concept to life. Here's how we turn the ideas floating around your head into reality:



We begin our process with a few simple questions — Who are you? What are you goals? Here we lay the foundation for our collaboration — we want to know everything about your brand, your customers, and what you want to accomplish. At this stage we also outline the goals and scope of work because no one likes too many surprises.


Now that we know who you are, we get to have some fun. We try tons of visual ideas, throw logos on shirts, make fake website mockups — testing as many ideas as we can to see which ideas really hit the mark. Then we filter out the junk and build a few complete options for you to consider, showing you how each option meets your goals in a unique way.


Once we've picked the best solution there will likely be a few changes we need to make, and that's okay. This phase of the process gives us a chance to make a few simple revisions. Once this is complete you'll get another chance to sign off on your project before we wrap up.


Then we're done! Now we celebrate — tacos are on us. And don't worry, we'll always be here for you just in case you forgot to ask for the logo in 132px x 85px or whatever random need comes up. Now you can enjoy the fruits of a beautiful, thoughtful visual system, identity, or product. And the tacos, obviously. Cheers!


Ready to get to work?

Fill out the form next door or shoot me an email and let's get started! The more info you can provide, the better, so don't be afraid to write a novel.

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