Old School

Design / Copy / Animation


"Old School" was a sermon series at Milestone Church focusing on classic values – the values we never graduate from. I created the series branding and promotional content to recall vintage school imagery.

Primary Brand

The look and feel of Old School harkens back to 1950's and 1960's advertisement design. The classic Helvetica type, bold colors and repetition create a look that is retro without looking dated – just like the timeless values discussed in the series.

In addition to designing all of the promotional content, I also wrote all of the copy, including the tagline.


Promotional Images

The client requested promotional graphics to be made available for social media sharing by the congregation. Below are a handful of the promotional images in addition a branded graphic illustrating a sermon quote.

Promotional Video

The client also requested a promotional video to air at services in the weeks prior to the kickoff of Old School, as well as to be shared on social media. My responsibilities in making this video were: concept, storyboarding, copywriting, design and animation.