Words matter. And how those words look matters, too. Typography is the foundation of my love of design. I create custom typefaces and hand lettering for clients in an array of visual styles.





The first step of the process is always defining who you are and why you exist. MDC will walk you through discovering this if you haven't ever done so yourself. We also define your business goals and what you hope to accomplish with a rebrand.


Here we define the visual style and aesthetic that will most help you accomplish your business goals. Moodboards help us explore many style very quickly and let you know what you're signing up for.


Once we have goals defined and a style decided, we get to work. We try tons of visual ideas, throw logos on shirts, make fake website mockups — testing as many ideas as we can to see which ideas really hit the mark.


Then we're done! Now we celebrate — tacos are on us. And don't worry, we'll always be here for you just in case you forgot to ask for the logo in 132px x 85px or whatever random need comes up. Now you can enjoy the fruits of a beautiful, thoughtful visual system, identity, or product. And the tacos, obviously. Cheers!


Jacob is a great communicator who really seeks to understand his client’s message and intent so he can incorporate that into his designs. He’s fun to work with and always delivers a great product on time!
— Kelly Fann | Director of Communications, The Hills Church


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